30 Days

A friend of mine sent me a TED Talk the other day, given by Matt Cutts of Google. In it, he challenges everyone to make small, sustainable changes in their life in order to push themselves to do things they’ve always wanted to do.

This got me thinking about one of my biggest passions: music. I begged my parents for a good portion of my childhood to let me play the drums. They never gave in…can’t imagine why :-). By senior year of high school, I had moved on to guitar. After having borrowed one from a friend for 3 months and teaching myself to play #41 by Dave Matthews Band, I finally convinced my Dad to buy me an acoustic guitar.

I’m obsessed. While backpacking across Europe, I couldn’t go any longer without playing guitar so I bought a child’s classical guitar at this music shop in Rome. The owner of the store made fun of me in italian and kept repeating “but this is child guitar, child guitar!”. I tried explaining that I had to carry it around with myself for another 3 weeks and a regular guitar would be too cumbersome but he clearly did not speak english.

Flash forward 12 years to today. I now own many guitars, and also bought a piano and have been teaching myself that as well. But in all my years, I’ve only performed in front of an audience on two occasions, and never by myself. Mostly because I’m not confident at all in my singing abilities, and also simply because I need more practice.

So! For the next 30 days, I’ve decided that every day, I will record myself playing and singing a song. Here are my self-imposed ground rules:

  • Only 1 take – no do-overs!
  • No editing/splicing/adding effects.
  • Post them online for the world to hear (not as bad as doing it live in front of people, but still scary!)

By the end of the 30 days, I hope to have improved my singing, gotten constructive criticism, and gained enough courage to play live in front of people.

Stay tuned for day 1’s results!

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