Verizon-Motorola Decide, “We don’t need females to buy the DROID”

If you’ve seen the latest salvo by Verizon’s marketing ‘geniuses’, you’re led to believe that only girly-girls buy iPhones. Apparently if you want to be a man, you need a DROID.

If you thought past TV spots for the DROID were bad, check out the latest. You’ll swear you can hear the ‘Team America, World Police’ theme song in the background.

This ad campaign seems hellbent on condemning the DROID to be a niche device rather than one with consumer mass-appeal. No wonder rumors of Google launching their own phone had everybody buzzing over the weekend. There are too many niche devices emerging on the Android platform, and Google is rapidly turning into the Microsoft of smartphones by providing the OS to hardware manufacturers but not launching any devices themselves.

It’s not clear that replicating a Microsoft business model will be profitable for the likes of Motorola, HTC, et. al. Just look at what has happened to PC margins over the past few years: you can go buy a netbook for $200 at razor-thin margins to the manufacturer, yet Apple continues to grow their laptop and desktop market share while commanding margins in excess of 30%.

Google may not be a hardware company, but Motorola better hope that they’re not thinking, “oh this is why Apple made their own phone.”

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